Creating a High School tv station

Hi Guys,

I’m currently trying to setup a school broadcaster which would rely on a livestream platform such as planet E-stream. I’m absolutely clueless when it comes to Tv production though I do have a slight tech background with lighting and sound for drama and music productions. Is anyone able to explain whether/how CapserCG could be used to accomplish this? Thanks.

We should know what the goals of that channel are. There are two scenarios, that I can think of:

  • Having a workflow similar to a “real” TV-station, so that students can learn how TV is made. But trying to keep the cost reasonable.

  • Having the cheapest possible workflow with the weirdest tricks to keep the cost as low as even possible, even on the cost of an unreliable weird system and students working a lot to keep things go round :slight_smile:

There must be some kind of body, like a school direction etc. and that is the first question they need to answer, before a further discussion makes sense. And yes, they will tell you they want both :slight_smile: