Creating a Configuration file for Caspar CG in Newark, NJ


I need someone who knows how to code a configuration file for CasperCG. The file plays back the graphics on the Blackmagic Atem 2 M\E Switcher. These graphics overlay on the camera feed and then get broadcasted online. There is a middle third graphic and a bug. Two channel key and fill.

The pay is negotiable. Around Newark New Jersey.
Hours : 12am-8pm on Thursday 9/30
8am-4pm on Friday 10/1
If available on the weekend that would works too.
PM me if you are interested.

Thank You.

To create a configuration only, that takes between 10 seconds and 3 minutes. What you really need is somebody, that can build you a few templates, right? Does that need to be done on location? Why is that important? Here in the forum there are a few guys (including me) that could do that for you, but will not be on site in Newark, but do it from anywhere in the world.

Templates I have. It’s setting up the whole thing and making it work. It would be preferred on location so they could show me what I’m doing wrong.

It seems like this would be a fairly easy task to accomplish with a video call. You might also want to list what SDI output card you plan on using for key/fill to the switcher

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