Create a multiview in server


I don’t have a declink card , just just rtmp/http from other web media and broadcast to youtube/FB
Would like to know how can I make a multiview in the server console?

Something like this:
mutliview screen

Thanks in advance

For a basic N by N multiview you could use the MIXER GRID command (also available in the CasparCG Client). Just place the inputs on layers 1 to N*N and run that command (you can do it in any order).
For something more advanced like in the attached picture, you’ll have to place the layers with MIXER FILL (called Transform in the Client).
If you’d like to have the multiview in addition to a channel that you’re using for some mixing and streaming for example, then you’ll have to add a second channel for the multiview and use the Route Producer to route layers between those two channels. You can even route channels output to other channels, so basically you can build a full-blown video switcher this way.

Thanks! Will take a try on this.

Thank you very much.

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I have been trying to make a interface to compose casparcg screen with various sources. It is available in caspar_media_playback for try. I wish to make it better with user feedback.


That’s nice. Appreciated that, I have tried the old version and maybe I can take it look again.

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Hi vimlesh
Where i can download the multiview?
Thanks in advance

It is available here.