Countdown Clock?

I need a talent program countdown clock overlay. What examples or sample templates to you suggest to start with?

I will be starting the intro video in CasparCG, triggering an ATEM macro and starting the program countdown clock from CasparCG

So I found this basic countdown clock.

You have to install node.js
Open cmd window in template folder and install gulp

You can then generate the template files and copy the casparcg output folder to the template directory.

Now I need to find documentation on the ATEM macros part of the CasparCG Client…

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Found the setup instructions for the ATEM commands.

Hello zcybercomputing;

Could you post a capture screen with your clock overlay ? I’would like to use 5 count up clock but I don’t know how to install your solution.

That compiler ends up just combining javascript files and dependencies. This is not my code, but here is what I compiled.

Copy to templates folder.

You will need to add some additional update functions and change the javascript to make it count up instead of down. Please share the code also, because I have been meaning to make it change colors and start counting up after reaching zero on the countdown. The Javascript is what runs the animations to count time.

thanks I will try it

here a simple ziped Caspar Windows Speechtimer client, one Exe and on DLL, put it in the same folder. We always use it for the TED sessions.
Speechtimer Program
here a example ot a speechtimer flash template, you can choose the color of the time…ft, .fla file included.
flash template (fls, as and ft)

I am using a javascript based countdown clock in an HTML template

i pass in the start time using a querystring to the template and can update it if needed while running

looks very cool!
would you share your HTML file?

Sure, its here

you’ll just need to change the references to the files in the flip clock.js download

i am using wordpress as a backend in my client

you can set the timer using a call like:

PLAY 3-10 [HTML]

Hi. I try your template. If i open in browser they play if i play template from caspar i get CG OK but its not playing…am i missing something?

Thank you

How can we make it count up instead of down?. Can you tell us what code do e have to change and what should we write?.