Count Down and Count Up

Hello every one. I have to generate 5 count Up chronos and they have to be control far time speaking. (For Election debate).

I would like to create a web client but I don’t know how to start.

I would like to use HTML template to modify easyly the composition.

As somebody an Idea ?

Thanks you

Hello Red, if I understood correctly …
There is this library in github with a functional html template. The core of the html template is the javascript file. If you want to do something more elaborate, try to create a socket connection in this javascript. It worked for me.

CasparCG HTML Producer Quick Reference:

Greetings from Brazil :smile:
Everton Vanzella

Thanks Everton I will try

simple Caspar windows up-counter client for 5 speakers (adapted from another version for 3 speakers:-)
download zip file, contains exe, project and simple flash template)
download here
please put the .exe and .DLL in the same folder.
template fields are :
name_1 until name_5
clock_1 until clock_5