Could someone guide me in what category should I post into?

Hello there,

This is my first post after just joining this discussion, so please forgive me and provide kind assistance if I have posted to the wrong subsection.

I am new here but a real enthusiast and loving this community so far. I have a background in teaching coding and in education and feel I could help with documentation, at least for starters.

As a new member in this forum and wish to share and gain some knowledge. I am looking forward to create my own discussion to resolve my query and gain some knowledge though I have taken part in various discussion which is definitely helped me a lot.

Also in what category should be taken depends on what factors?

Thankyou in advance.

Welcome, we do need a technical writer very badly! So feel free to ask anything and maybe you can get a GitHub account to help editing the help pages hosted there.

As we do not have too many categories it should not be complicated.

The “Paid work available” category is to post projects and requests for the ones here, that make a living from building solutions or templates.

The “FAQ” category is for stuff, that you think could be of interesst to most users, like questions about casarcg.config etc.

The “General” category is of everything else. There are other categories like “Site Feedback” (the name is program) or “Lounge” (for users, that have trust level 3 and above - the old guys), but in general these are not important.

Then there are these “optional tags” that you can use to indicate what the topic is (server, (official-) client etc.).

I think most people just watch the site using the “latest” tab (at least that’s what I do) so, that one can see everything that comes up.

Does that help a bit?