Could a single CasparCG computer handle 5x1080p50 SDI outputs and 2xSDI 1080i/25 Inputs

I have a project that will be using 5 large LCD monitors, in portrait, as set elements and along with other requirements I need to spread a live picture over the 5 monitors (rotation and slicing required). The computer planned is a dual Xenon HP Z840 with Quadro 5200 and 2xDeclink 8k Pro cards. Am I being optimist to do this in one box? I was trying to avoid multiple boxes as the screen changes need to be in sync with each other.

I had a similar system with 6x 1080i50 on a Decklink Quad 2. As soon as I tried more than 6 outs, it started to drop frames. So chances are, that it can work, but it will be tough. You need to try it, to make sure.

Be sure, that you have enough PCIe lanes, so that all cards get all lanes that they need.

I am currently playing around with 6-8 channels of 1080i50 using a Decklink Quad 2. From my experience I would recommend having less cores and higher frequencies. For example I ended up with a single 6 core Xeon Scalable @ 3.4GHz and a P2000 doing 6 channels (in a server chassis). I would definitly recommend setting your Windows power options to “High performance”, as this affects the CPU as well.
I dont know about 3G Outputs though, havent tried them.

First of all I have to point that you talk about 8K pro, recently I bought this card and I can’t manage to play 4 different outputs I have only managed to send a 4k signal split on 4 sdi out (configuration on Desktop Video Quad Link) , Maybe I do something wrong but I didnt see anywhere at desktop Video something like DUO 2 that is capable to do 4 IN/OUT and FILL KEY combinations. In a Z620 with 2 xeon E5-2620v2 2.10 GHz 32gb ram and K5000 playing only 4k video I have CASPAR GPU warning for delay.
For my experience with lower workstation models Z420, Z620 I can manage to send 4-5 HD (Decklink DUO 2) at the same time but when I add more I start to have issues, and a very critical point is when you using Flash templates thing become more difficult for PC.

See the video called Blackmagic Update there is a part about the new driver, that makes the 8k do what a Duo 2 can.

Thank you all for your comments. It looks like it should be just possible to get the desired outputs but I may need to compromise in some areas to get the performance, such as interlaced rather than progressive output, and not using Flash Templates.

thanks didi
I have just update Desktop Video from 11 to the new one 11.1 (yesterday released)
Now 8k works like DUO 2 and I can see at Desktop Video 8 in/outs (installed One Duo 2 And One 8K at the same PC) also Caspar recognize all the channels and works with 4 fills or 2 Fill & Keys for each card.

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