Copy channels

Hi there.
I need a way to can copy channel 1 to channel 2.
If I use swap it stop one channel and start other channel
And if I use route, when I stop one channel other channel stop too
I need channels be independent but same
Have any idea for this?

Channels are always independent.
Routes are a way to mirror the content of one channel (like display mirroring) and swaps just move content from one layer/ channel to another.
What are you trying to accomplish? Why do you need to clone a channel if it will behave differently than the source?
Why don’t you just play the same content in both channels? Then you could control each one indepently afterwards.

In fact I want to use one channel for preview as first play all my items in preview channel and then clone them to PGM channel
Swap do this, but if I use, preview channel will clear and if I want to make a little change to my PGM I should make preview from first and then make my change and then swap it
Another problem I have with swap is it don’t move mixer tools like transform
This problem is in the preview of casparcg client too, if I send my item to preview by F8, it transform dosnt show

In my opinion it is a bad idea to used a route command to play a preview to air. A preview should always be independant of the main out, so that you can play to air whitout going to preview first. if you don‘t need it.

That workflow, that you explain, is a cue/play workflow. That was used back in the SD days where no graphics were animated.

You client programm should just handle preview and program independantly.

If this is really what you want to do you can create a third channel with no consumers and route it to both your physical channels. Then when you stop channel 1 it is still playing on the source channel (3) and is still routed to channel 2.

Yes I should build a client I think

Thanks for replying
No I can’t use this because I want to be able to change some layers of one channel rather than other channel