Convert animations to HTML templates

Hello amazing community! We have a few animations for a launch clock and name banners that have been designed by a third party firm that we would like to see if we can have converted to a CasparCG template.

It’s sorta like the existing clock and telemetry you see on the SpaceX webcasts but updated for our NASA Crew missions. If anyone is willing to work on them, please let me know and I can send the designs over so you can properly quote out the work.

We already have the data itself making it in to Casper and I can give you the field names. Just need a new template. Open to options in the future of converting the existing template you see today from Flash to HTML too, but that’s a different project. if you want to hit me up direct! Project timing is ASAP.


Is someone working on this yet?
I’m not too much experienced in html/js/css, but during two days, I’ve been able to replicate the current “timeline” template, which seems to be hardest from it. So I can try that.


Is this solved?


Yes, I’m working on it, it’s mostly completed now.


Will it already be used on the upcoming Crew-1 mission?

That was the plan, yes. If everything checks out, it would.

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