Controlling multiple channels by single client

Hi everyone

How to control multiple channels which setup on a Caspar server by single client?
I want to manage several channels by a CasparCG client, but i can do this just for channel 1.
What config and settings should i use to do this operation correctly?


Channels and layers can be changed, per item in the rundown, with the Output panel that’s on the right side of client.

You can also add additional servers in Edit->Settings->Servers.

If the client doesn’t allow you to change the Channel from 1, you probably don’t have additional channels configured in the server.

You are right, there is a spinbox in the inspector of each objects to change the target channel, but it is disabled for all rundown items, while i setup two channels in the server config file and the client also shows that the server has 2 channels in the Settings->Servers->Channels [column], also 2 screen consumers are opened as [1|720p6000] and [2|720p6000] when running the server

I don’t know why this option in the inspector is disabled for all objects.

You are refering this, right?

Yes, exactly, this option is disabled in the client for all objects.

That’s indeed very strange. As it should not be disabled, but only restricted to the number of channels you have. Have you tried with the latest version?

Double check you don’t have Channel Lock enabled. It’s in Edit->Servers and double click the server you have configured there.

I use version Beta 2 in the Server and 2.0.8 in the Client.

I checked all related configuration and i didn’t succeed.

I ran both Server and Client today and i faced that situation was fixed and the channel option was editable!
I have not done anythings and be fixed my problem. Thank @hreinnbeck and @didikunz for helping.

I usually re-open the Client after changing the settings. Is it possible that the problem is related to not restarting the Client after changing the Settings->Servers?