Control through internet

what is my best way for me to control the server via internet?
assuming I have a fixed ip at server location and i dont wat to open port at users router

You only need to open port on server side.

sometimes i dont have access to router

I usually use TeamViewer :grinning:

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[I would suggest to use site to site VPN with NAT Traversal option that doesn’t need to open port(This is the same trpology that Teamviewer or Skype uses).That way you will have access to the server just like being in the same LAN. This is What I do when I do not have access to router for port forward. Teamviewer sometimes is a bit laggy.


I’m using Zerotier. I use this service to access several pcs in multiple locations. I don’t use with a caspar server yet but i think it is possible. Zerotier works like a virtual router running outside your firewall. The service has a nice interface and you can mix linux, win, and macs. Also arm devices. You can build your own virtual network and add devices. I use SSH FTP and VNCs service and works very well.
PD: (I have no relationship with the company)