Control clip with external timecode

Hi everyone!

Is there a way to control an clip via external LTC/SMPTE/OSC timecode?
I have an upcoming show where I need to sync video to an external timecode. (nope, I can´t be the master - then it would be easy…)


Like timecode chasing no. (would be a great feature though)
Only starting on a specific timecode is do able.(freerunning)
But i don’t know any off the shelf (reasonable priced that is) solution for that.
And can be tricky as things can run out of sync in time.

Maybe this can help you

LTC Generator + Chataign + CasparCG

00:00:20:00 AMB PLAY
00:00:30:00 AMB STOP



Yup, hoped for some Timecode chasing. :frowning:

Alright, will do it with an trigger.

LTC → Universe Show Control → Caspar

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Sounds interesting, will have a look at it for future use.

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