Consumer Screen Stretch

Hello, I am still new to CasparCG

From a new installation, I cannot seem to get to change the default behaviour.
All modes: fill, uniform, uniform_to_fill has the same result where the image stretches to fit the entire area.

Ideally, I want the images/video to keep its aspect ratio and have either the same behaviour as CSS’s cover or contain properties

            <stretch>uniform</stretch>  <!--stretch>fill [none|fill|uniform|uniform_to_fill]</stretch-->
      <system-audio />

I prefer to output to NDI then fullscreen the NDI monitor if needed. Would that be a suitable fix for you?

I was hoping the build-in stretch would work. Before I spend more money for work-around, I will try figure something out with HTML and templates.

Ndi output from casparcg and ndi monitor (the application from newtek) is free