Connecting Caspar with Atem

Hi guys, i’m noob and i need to understand how to connect (Physically!) Casparcg with the atem tv studio.
Can you explain it to me as if I were an idiot? (well, maybe i am)
Thanks a lot

Well, let take for example you use Blackmagic card with two SDI outputs. One is Fill and other is Key. You connect those both to ATEM TV Studio, example SDI In 5 and SDI In 6.In ATEM Control you define DSK1 keyer with fill SDI5 and key SDI6. In case you use caspar as playout, you do not need key, just fill, and you can have it as regular input on any of 4SDI ins. Hope it will help.

Thanks a lot for helping me! So i need to buy a blackmagic card… No hdmi options?
Eventually do you have any suggestion about one card for a low budget project?
Thanks again
(I’m going to use CasparCg to overlay a scoreboard)

Getting synchronized HDMI key/fill graphics from a screen consumer is difficult. The card you want is the Deck link Duo 2. This assumes you are running 1080p60 or lower resolution. 4k will require a different card.

You can run SDI to HDMI converters if your SDI inputs are full. I am doing that with a Decklink Quad 2 and an ATEM 1 M/E (1st Gen) and it works fine.

you can try to connect HDMI, like secondary monitor and play screen consumer on it. Then put it in Upstream keyer on ATEM, and try to clip it for background color, but quality will be really bad in this solution, much better would be to use Blackmagic Duo 2 and separate fill and key.

Hyperdeck mini is only a recorder. You can not use it as playout card for Caspar