Connect an external data source from excel or XML-file or JSON

I trying to find out how connect an external data source to a template. In this case we need to get date from a car racing, like number, names, times and result. In the best of worlds I would like to use SuperConductor as client. But how can I connect my data source?

Is the racing data file based/database or is it from a api, from the timing system or something else? There are a couple options to get live data in to a template, but the solution depends of the datasource.
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In this case the best would be if we can connect an excel file. Then we can get filter and sort the data easily.

You can use my Excel Add-In. It works on only Windows Excel. You can use PiwerQuery to get the data and then send it to a Caspar template after processing.

I was looking at it. Can we use it only to send the data? I still want to control eventing with SuperConductor.

Yes, you can send Datasets. That the template picks up.