Configure Key and Fill on displays?

I have 3 displays. How I configure Caspar so that I can have:
Display nro 1. Just for client.
Display nro 2. As channel 1. Shows fill image
Display nro 3. Shows channel 1 Key image

Put this into your config file.

> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
> <configuration>
>   <paths>
>     <media-path>media/</media-path>
>     <log-path>log/</log-path>
>     <data-path>data/</data-path>
>     <template-path>template/</template-path>
>     <font-path>font/</font-path>
>   </paths>
>   <lock-clear-phrase>secret</lock-clear-phrase>
>   <channels>
>     <channel>
>       <video-mode>1080p5994</video-mode>
>       <consumers>
>         <screen>
>           <device>2</device>
>           <windowed>false</windowed>
>         </screen>
>         <screen>
>           <device>3</device>
>           <windowed>false</windowed>
>           <key-only>true</key-only>
>         </screen>
>       </consumers>
>   </channels>
>   <controllers>
>     <tcp>
>       <port>5250</port>
>       <protocol>AMCP</protocol>
>     </tcp>
>   </controllers>
>   <amcp>
>     <media-server>
>       <host>localhost</host>
>       <port>8000</port>
>     </media-server>
>   </amcp>
> </configuration>

What helps a lot is to put the 2 output display underneath tans aside the client window.
You have less chance you put your mouse on it :wink:
There is also an always on-top setting in 2.2

Use a tool to make a fence for the mouse to keep it on the primary display like Cursor Lock or DMT Cursor

Thank you.
With these settings other screen works and other almost.

What do you mean?

As you see in the image monitor shows 1/4 of windows desktop and 3/4 of the test image.
It should display only the the whole test image. Like in this monitor that is showing the key image.

hmm click on the fill image and pres shift windows left and then shift windows right.

does that help ??

But I aligned my displays at windows settings so all displays are in same row and now it works.

Thank you for your help.