Config file - Decklink duo - help me please! <NEWBIE>

Hey Guys,

I’m Dan, I am currently implementing a live graphics package for a Drifting-motorsport live broadcast. I have a background in graphic design with Adobe, and live implementation through Characterworks. I’m new to Caspar and am struggling a bit the code side of things and would really appreciate some help with a config file as currently I am struggling to get any output via our decklink duo. I’ve done what I think is right but still no output.

We are running a 1080i50 broadcast using 1080p25 graphics.

I have the decklink setup to be a key/fill output type and have tested it to be working through characterworks.

Any help is highly appreciated!



Have you tried to use the search function here in the forum? It is triggered by the little hourglass icon on top right.

Of course. I didn’t find much to help. Everything I’ve tried gives me blank outputs.

Can you post your config and format it using the </> button?