Companion simple play command

Hello I m looking a solution to set a button on companion that basic play the selected item in caspar. I reçoive all clipsduring the production qo I want to selec clip with mouse and start play with streamdeck. All solutions in companion need to play a specific clip…
Is there an amcp code for play like F2 key withoyt specifing clip on the streamdeck button?
Thanks for help

See this to find a way to send keystrokes from Companion.

Another possible approach is using OSC messages from Companion directed at the active rundown. Create the rundown as normal, then enable remote triggering via the Rundown menu “Allow Remote Triggering” item. A small red flash is shown in the rundown tab to indicate remote trigger mode is active. The remote trigger flag is saved as part of the rundown.

OSC control of the rundown is very similar to OSC triggering of a specific item, but the command string does not contain the UID element. To play the currently selected item send a command string /control/play with an integer parameter of 1.

The supported command strings are part of the CasparCG Client software global.h file. See the global.h file on github here lines 137 to 153.

You can move the cursor up and down the rundown playlist with the strings /control/up and /control/down. There is also a very useful /control/playandautostep command that plays the current selected item then selects the next item in the rundown.

You can mix OSC rundown control commands with OSC item triggers. Using an item trigger does not move the rundown selection.

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