Command to reset the Casper CG server

Hi Team,
I have developed a windows form application to send the command to caspercg server using svt.casper.dll. If my application get’s disconnected I want to reset the caspercg server application with out restarting it.

Let’s suppose I have mute one file which was playing and before disconnecting I am sending the clear command then I will disconnect from the server. If I reconnect to the server and send play command I am unable to get the sound because I didn’t send unmute command. So I want refresh the server when ever client get’s disconnected. Hope you understand my point when I send clear command it’s just removing the VOD file instead of reseting the casper cg server as NEW.

Maybe the MIXER CLEAR does what you want, but I am not sure, if it also resets the VOLUME command. That would need to be tested.

What comes to my mind: Why would you want to disconnect in the middle of the show? That sounds like an unstable client program to me :slight_smile: Under normal circumstances that will never make sense to do so. An alternative way would be to always store the state of all layers (muted, scaled etc.) in a file somewhere and restore all these settings on restart. But that is more of a workaround than a solution.

Let’s suppose One debate program is completed at 3:00 pm and I want to start the other program at 5:00 PM, I will logout from my application and I will restart my application as a new, at that time client won’t visit our back-end server system everytime to restart the casper server, whenever client logout after completion of program we have to reset the caspercg server without restarting it. This is my requirement.

I will provide my windows application to the clients not the caspercg server application.

Have you tested the MIXER CLEAR command, if it also resets audio volume? If that does it, simply send a CLEAR followed by a MIXER CLEAR to every channel.

I still don’t understand why you can not just let the client run during the pause, but that is not important.

Let me check with MIXER CLEAR command and I will update you results shortly.