Command Play with parameter SEEK with Casparcg 2.3.3 its works different

Hi guys, I have a big doubt, it turns out that I have used casparcg 2.1.8 to play videos and I have used the play command with the SEEK parameter and I just send the frames and it works fine and it advances it to where I want, but it turns out that I am using the stable version 2.3.3., and now I try to do the same and it does it but it leaves it further back than where it should advance… so my question is? has something changed or is it done differently, thank you very much in advance.

The seek (and length, in etc) parameters is now measured in frames in the channel framerate. I think that previously it was in the framerate of the clip being played

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Thank u so much friend, I undestand. :metal: