Color Profile for RECORD/STREAM with server 2.2 in SD Format

please someone help if i’m doing something wrong with parameters
i’m having issue with Server 2.2 actually i want to record channel 1 but recorded file colors are different with actual colors, same this is also happening with STREAM

ADD 1 FILE “test.mp4” -codec:v libx264 -b:v 2500k -minrate:v 2500k -maxrate:v 2500k -bufsize:v 3000K -b:a 128k -ar:a 48000 -format mpegts -flags:v +ilme+ildct -filter:v scale=out_color_matrix=bt601:out_range=tv,fps=50,interlace,format=yuv420p

Server: 2.2 Stable Build
Mode: PAL