CLS command returning media from an old media folder

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We use caspar on a number different projects and are often changing the media and template paths in the config file. We have recently updated caspar to v2.3.1-lts-stable.

We have come across an issue where when we run the CLS command it is returning files names from the previous media folder location. They fail to play when we attempt to play them.

For example we have two folders with 1 image in each:


We have caspar looking at the media folder Project_1. We run CLS and only a.png is returned.
We then stop caspar and the media scanner and change the media path to be Project_2. We run CLS again and both a.png and b.png are returned.
a.png fails to play as it is not in the active media folder and b.png plays correctly.

To solve this I have deleted the folders highlighted and restarted caspar and the media scanner, then CLS returns only the media that is in the active media folder. but we are having to do this each time we change the media folder.

I have not spotted anything abnormal in the logs. Has anyone else experienced this and/or knows how to resolve? Please let me know if I can provide any more information.


I think it has to do, that scanner.exe seems to cache something. Or do you have the same problem with, let’s say version 2.0.7? Do you use the official client?

I never had such an issue, because I never change these paths. It’s a funny way of working in my opinion. And I see no reason why somebody would want to do that. I usually have a sub folder in my template and / or media path, that is specific to the project, so, even in the official client, all templates belonging to a project are listed one after the other. In the mean time I have more than 2’500 templates around and still find my way trough it.

Nope, we had used v2.0.7 for 4+ years prior and never experienced this. We upgraded caspar version because of flash EOL.

We use a custom client that uses hard coded template names and some hard coded media names. This is why the media has to be in the root of the caspar media folder.
Changing the media path in the config file is much easier to manage than moving/copying/pasting files about and there is less chance of playing the incorrect branded media out!

But you know, that there is a 2.0.7 that works after Flash EOL, right?

Haha yes, but we will very soon be moving to HTML templates that use BodyMovin/Lottie and these perform much better in 2.3.1

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Yes, that’s what I also do :slight_smile: Then please post a bug report / issue at Caspar’s GitHub page, but check, if there is not one already.

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