CLS command issue

hi all
I have problem when use CLS command
if I have folder or movie clip written in Arabic language CLS command results didn’t see it.
hope to have answer to solve this problem

That works for me (I just copied a text from an Arabic site, so I don’t know if it is offending):


Be sure to encode the data sent from CLS in UTF-8.

thanks for reply I will test it again

i test it again on server 2.2 Arabic file name didn’t show .
if I put number at the first file it’s show
I will send image shot to seeing it

here test on server 2.3 folder and movie clip not shown
other movie clip if start with number showing

Have you tried with the official client? What programming language do you use? Does it support Unicode / UTF-8.

i am use AmcpClientExample from github
also i test it on server web link direct

on official client not showing also

This seems to be a bug of the Scanner.exe. Because I tried with server 2.0.7 and there this works. Please file a bug on Caspars GitHub repo.

how file bug the is no error

What? Miss understanding? I mean “report this as a bug”.

ok i was think send dug file
thanks dear for reply ans support