CLS and TLS don't work as expectation

CasparCG AMCP Wiki says that CLS command support subdirectory listing:

CLS {[sub_directory:string]}

But any of the values do not affects on result: all files in all subdirectories are listed, as if I use just CLS. How to get list of files in the specified directory?

That seems not to work as advertised. As a workaround you can read the whole list and remove everything, that is not contained in the folder in question. It’s bad programming but…

Thanx. Don’t you know is it any possibility to make it working in the future? It also bad for script perfomance because of the amount of files in ‘media’ folder.

I hope so. I will check if there is already a bug report on GitHub.

It is an open issue since 2019!?!?!

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