Close Channel-Grid Window

Hello again,

improving my playout client I was fiddeling around with the channel_grid (CapsarCG Server 2.11 NRK).
I understand that the “channel_grid”-command generates the grid view on the last defined channel. Additionally it opens a window on the desktop showing the same.
I only need the preview on the desktop so I defined a “dummy”-channel with a “dummy”-consumer in the config. That works fine so far.

I now come to the point that I like my user so control if he or she wants the grid to appear or not. So I was wondering if there is way to close the desktop window by command.
I tried “CLEAR channel” which at least empties the window.

If I type “channel_grid” in the console while the channel-grid is already active the server responses with “Channel Grid Window Uninitialized” and then inititializes the Channel Grid again. The desktop windows flickers for a split-second. So there might be a function to close the desktop window. But is it possible to do that by a server command?

Has anybody an idea or solution for that?

Thanks a lot.


P.S.: I cannot use Windows-Handles to close the window because my client is not running locally on the same machine.

Last channel screen consumer is reconfigured as channel_grid. So if there are total 4 channels, Following command works good.

clear 4
mixer 4 clear
remove 4 screen

If we then issue following command, normal screen consumer opens.

add 4 screen

Thanks vimlesh!
That was exactly what I’m looking for :grinning: