Clienti live window

Hi I
s it possible to open the same stream that is in the live-window in VLC, and what would the stream-address be for channel 1?
Br Markus

You see the command in Caspars console or log, when you connect the clients preview window.

Thanks I’ll check.


The log gives just the machine ip and port so if I for example would like to open it on the same machine the log is
output[1] streaming_consumer[udp://] Added.
and if I add that as a stream-address in VLC it doesnt work

br markus

Yes, but you should be able to see the AMPC command that makes the streaming consumer actually send out something.

You should see something like this, client_ip_address will need to be the IP of the machine you want to send the stream to, scale being the resolution.

ADD 1 STREAM udp://<client_ip_address>:9250 -vcodec libx264 -tune zerolatency -preset ultrafast -crf 25 -format mpegts -vf scale=302:168"

Then in VLC


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