Client with autostop option

Hello I need to play some gaphics with alpha on caspar. I’m looking for a client that autostop clips after playing because the last frame is’nt black and I want to get the dsk of my mixer always on… I think official client don’t do that? I control play with a streamdeck and companion. I know the command line for doing that but I’m not enough expert for develop my own client…
The other option was to made a stop line on the same button of companion with a delay but it’nt a very fast way to do that…
Thanks for help.

I don’t know of a client, that can do that, without giving it a delay time by hand, as there is no way to know, how long the template plays (if you have video clips it would be possible).

I would go with this, or instead create a button that sends a stop command and that you hit, whenever you want to let it go out. If you play everything on the same layer you only need one “Stop” button. If not, you could create a toggle button, that allows you to send different stuff on the “on” and “off” state.

My graphics are videos clips with alpha! The idea is one button by animation: Play button and when the video is finished auto stop?

Add a second command after the play:


while 1-10 is the correct channel/layer. That adds an empty image to be played after the clip is over. You can send that command just after the play, without any delay.

Yes but can I do this only with the original client?

You can control Caspar directly from Companion.

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