Client to two server!

I have a customer who buys, Draco Soccer, I need to connect it to two different servers!

The Draco has no option for a second server.

One server carries the graphic line that is sent to the television channel, the second server carries the graphic line that goes to the YouTube streem !!

How do I solve it?

We do not allow posts in other languages. Please post in English. There is that thing called “Google Translate” that you can use, if you are not speaking English.

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A few questions to find a way to help you:

  • Do you need two servers or only two output channels (2 Decklinks)?
  • Are the templates the same for both outputs? or different designs?
  • Anything else to consider?

I need two server, I have different templates design in different servers, but only 1 client.

It is a soccer client, the timing and statistics must be the same on both servers.

My first server is a pc/windows connected to a atem via decklink fill/key

My second server is a pc/windows connected to vmix via NDI.

Mi client is a laptop in the soccer camp, connected via Ethernet

Ok, I see, that you did not understand the difference between a server and a channel. CasparCG server is a program, that runs on Windows or Linux and can output to multiple channels. A channel can be a Decklink card or a NDI out or the like. So what you really need is a way to output to TWO CHANNELS on ONE SERVER. So the only thing you need to get from the guy programming Draco Graphics is, that he implements a second output channel for you.

Alas there is no website were one can find anything use full about the Draco software, beside a bunch of YouTube videos. But the guy is sometimes here in the forum, if I remember right. So you should be able to get in contact with him.

thank you very much for your help.

there are really things that I still don’t understand.

what I need is exactly what you say, my client Draco to connect to two different servers.

English is not my native language because I think that part of my idea is lost in the translator.

Anyway. Using one or two servers is possible in theory. You would need to let the author need to change the code of the client in either way. So it does not make a difference.

I have custom client which sends data to html templates from casparcg with ACMP commands.
Sometimes we use 2 caspars with one client …
One for tv one for scoreboards. But this requires custom client programing … t

that’s exactly what I’m looking for. I saw in a forum a software that reads the commands of the casparcg client and writes them again for another server. There should be some way to tell it to send it to a second server. I have looked for the video again but I can’t find it

I’m trying to make it work but I can’t, I’m a beginner, do you have a tutorial or video?

Hey, I just yesterday posted an announcement of a new CasparCG client “GC” which can trigger graphics and other commands on multiple servers. Take a look here: and install from here: