Client OSC Rundown commands (without UID) don't work

Hello, and thanks for this amazing beast of software!
It’s my first install of CasparCG but been operating it for some time.

I’m having troubles sending OSC Rundown commands to CCG Client with Companion, but OSC Item commands (with UID) work absolutelly fine.

The following commands don’t work:

But these commands do work:

I would like to control de rundown (up, down, play, pause) without the restriction of UID every single item.

CCG Server 2.3.2
CCG Client 2.2.0
Port: 3250

I’ve tried some thing reading some other posts in this forum:

  • Using another port (used to be at 6250, and read to better use 3250)
  • Disabling the firewall
  • Using the local IP instead of
  • Restarting Client and Server
  • Scanner is being used
  • OSC is working flawlessly
  • Remote Trigger is enabled on every item

Any hints on why some commands work but the ones I need don’t?

Thanks in advance!

(excuse my english)

The first block of commands you report as non-working only operate if the rundown has remote control enabled. The enable/disable of the commands is via the Rundown Menu “Allow Remote Triggering” item. The tab at the top of the rundown page has a red lightning fash to show it is remote enabled.

Please note the /control/pause does not work in the distributed app versions. If you are comfortable with compiling applications you can fix the issue. The documented fix can be seen The required tools to create the updated QT app are all available at zero cost.

There is a further control mechanism that you can use. Create a new rundown and add multiple instances of the Playout Command from the tools library. Edit the instaces to have a named UID (eg c1 c2 etc). Set the playout command to the required action, so UID C1 issues a play command, UID C2 issues a stop command etc. These actions trigger even when the rundown is not “focused”, and operate on the selected item in the target rundown that has focus. You still need to enable remote control on the main rundown so that you can send the /control/up or /control/down messages. The bad news is that the Playout Command pause/resume do not work unless you edit the client source code and re-compile. The required edit is documented at

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You absolute legend. Thank you!

I will use de AMCP “pause” command as I only use one channel and layer, pausing whatever is playing. And it works as expected.