Client mixer tools don't work 4k@60p


Have anyone experienced issue with CasparCG client, when mixer tools aren’t working with 4k@60p resolution, all options are grayed out, soon as I change to different resolution all options are available.
Transform settings which are made on different resolution like 4k@30p can be applied.
Client version used: 2.0.8 and 2.2.0

Yes I experienced similar issues during my testing with the 8k Pro Card. See here: Decklink 8k pro

This behaviour is still present in 2.3.3.

I couldn’t find any open issue about this specifically on github, just some brief mentions. I guess there is not that many people using ccg for 4k50/60.

It’s because the format is not in the database off the client.
it can be changed easily with a database editor
you can find it in


which is a hiddenfolder soo don’t forget the point :slight_smile:

offcoarse this should be fixed in source

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