Client from Serial Data Stream


Hi everyone!

I am totally new to the CasparCG world, but have had a search around the forums and cannot find something to help me out.

I work in the livestream/broadcast market and was looking for assistance, or contract someone to look at a specific client for me. I interface with a timing system which can send out serial data which I have the protocols and string makeup for. Coding is not my strong point! I am looking to build a client front end that can accept the data in the constant string (we are talking about data every 10th/second), and then use it to feed several templates.

Is there anyone out there who might be able to help me out or point me in the direction I need to be looking?




I am also planning to do this. Please share the data structures and protocol. I will code a sample client.


what do you require specifically?


I’m sharing protocol description of some scoreboard systems. I also planning to work on it, but coding is not my strong point too.


I quickly looked trough the data that you shared. Looks like a lot of work to support all these different brands of scoreboards. If I were you, I would look at ScoreboadOCR a tool that can read the scoreboard data from a camera and therefor supports all brands of scoreboards. I tested it myself and it works very well. It also supports sending data directly to a template in Caspar. You would only need for instance the official client to load the template. ScoreboardOCR will then update the data.



I appreciate what you are saying, but the protocols provided were not actually for the system I had requested a client for. I am sourcing the protocol document just now, but in the timing console in question there are 14 lines with each line containing 1 line of data so 14 lines to code in essence. The problem with Scoreboard OCR is on each venue being able to have a clear line of sight of scoreboard and mapping each required area. If I had a client which reads the direct data feed there is not a need to set up for every different venue as the serial feed is uniform across venues.