Client: Custom Command

I wondered, how the “custom command” tool in the client works but couldn’t find any advice. I’m trying to stop two templates, which I started earlier in the rundown and at the same time start playing a video file. Could I do that with the custom command? When I use the playout command, it will stop everything in the group, which is not my intend.
Thanks, Lukas

You can group commands in the client so that they trigger at the same time. If you want to start them separately and stop them at the same time, make a copy of the commands in the rundown and group them. As long as you are operating on the same video layer on the channel, you can start and stop from two different entries in the rundown.

I see that. But nevertheless: What’s is the custom command supposed to do? What should be filled into the fields for every command?

Create items in the rundown for each template. Select both of them, right click and group them. You can now trigger the group and both templates will be triggered at the same time. If you want, you can then copy and paste that group, or make it a preset that can be used and inserted as many times as you want in the rundown.

What’s is the custom command supposed to do?

Its a way of using a command that isnt supported by the client, or to send a command that is usually sent in another way. Each of the fields corresponds with one of the F-key commands as shown under the playout menu. I normally only fill in play and maybe stop, but every field there is optional.

For example, there is no DIAG command in the client, so I often use a custom command to be able to send that. I have also used it to invoke a stop command as part of playing a group

Hopefully this makes sense

yeah, thanks!