Client crashes when sending OSC command

Hi everyone,

To make it short:
I want a video loop of multiple .mov files in a group (Timetable preview, sponsor showcase, etc). Apparently only way to do that is via an OSC command.

Okay, no issue… well yes… issue.

With client 2.0.8: I cannot enable the OSC Input. Whenever I enable it, enter the default port and hit enter, then go back into the setting, it is disabled.

So now I tried it with the latest “next” version. OSC input is even enabled by default. But whenever I send the OSC command, the client freezes and shortly afterwards crashes, with the server receiving an 10053 error.

According to google: Connection termination error. Well okay, let’s do my best. Disable all other software I have running. Even de-installed my antivirus, as that might be an issue.
Nope, error keeps popping up.

Does anyone have a clue what might be wrong here and how I can solve this issue?
I mean, in the worst case I just have to make multiple big .mov files that I have to sort through (though I would want to avoid that if possible).

Gladly appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Hi, OSC is only for ready data from the CasparCG server.
It’s streaming info without waiting for responce from connected server.
With AMCP commands you must setup a connection first before starting a osc server.
You have to use a string filter for the osc info in a seperate thread.

You don’t need osc if you want to play/loop a playlist if you use loadbg with AMCP.
Start first clip
PLAY 1-1 clip 1
after a few seconds
LOADBG 1-1 clip 2
if clip 2 plays
LOADBG 1-1 clip 3

This only works for clips not for stills.
If you want to do that you must run a playlist timer in your client.

It’s possible you misunderstood me. I think you refer to a custom client, but my issue is with the original client.
It’s not possible to play a loop of multiple items in a group just like that. A workaround for this is to give the group an UID and then using the OSC command “/control/GroupUID/play” to play the specified group (with each item being delayed by the time necessary, since autostep also don’t seem to work in my case.). Then having a delayed OSC command in the group that just plays the group again and again in a loop.
So yeah, using the OSC Output tool in the original client just crashes my client with a disconnect error message. So yeah, I wonder if there could be something on my side that causes the crash.

Also I tried your recommendation with pre-loading a clip while the one before is running, but in my case it does not autoplay the next pre-loaded clip after the first one ends. Though it wouldn’t help me in this case, as I can’t use this to automate a loop with the og client.

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