Client and server on same machine or separate

Hello, what is good practice for casparcg server and client. Should i have client and server installed on the same machine or separate them. What are pros and cons of such two setups.

Makes no difference usually.

Technically theres no difference so its more up to workflow
Things to consider

  • where is the best place for the server
  • where will the graphics-operator sit
  • what kind of network do you have.
    Typically if you have a compact production area its usually makes sence to run the client and server on the same machine.
    On the otherhand in some cases to run the client on a laptop can be more practical.

There is some problem with separate PC.

  1. If template contains absolute path of some source, It will fail. workaround is to have a common mapped drive.
  2. If we record something with file consumer , the file can’t be preview in VLC. Workaround is to have media location on common mapped drive.
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hi vimlesh ji
i installed server one PC and two CMP on different 2 PC’s
videos are playing perfectly on individual consumer windows,
when play logo , from pc 2 it is playing on consumer window 1 instead 2

please suggest me the settings



Upper side which plays image uses channel number from main channel number.

Lower side of software play video uses channel 1 by default because it is written there. Change that from 1-2000 to 2-20000

vimalesh ji,
thanks for the reply
changed Play 2
working fine