Chroma Key Water

I have a question regarding the Chroma Key built into CasparCG, I need to be able to put some graphics on water while allowing the swimmers to appear on top of the graphics and not behind.

I’ve played with the Chroma Key I end up with the water being replaced with black and swimmers appearing on top of the graphics, is there anyway of bringing the water back?

What I’m trying to do


Use 3 layers. On top the chromakeyed swimmers, bellow the graphics an at the bottom the unsltered swimmers.

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I was thinking the same thing. Its how i would do it in after effects in post. You would need a pretty good system though to be able to run 2 videos through caspar with one keying live with no delay between each clip wouldnt you

I’ve tried that with some still images, not the highest quality source images and seems to work.

MIXER 1-100 CHROMA 1 170 0.25 0 0 0.1 0 0 0

Layer 10 Camera Source
Layer 50 Graphics
Layer 100 Camera Source with Chroma Key applied.

Can I play the same decklink source on Layer 10 and 100 at the same time and in sync?

That should be possible, yes.

How many frames of delay am I going to be looking at from input and output on a Decklink Duo 2?

i never measured it, i think close to 1/2 second.

Done some timings today, looks to be around 300ms on a 1080i50 channel when viewing it on a SmartView Duo.

Camera pointing at a stopwatch into SmartView Duo Monitor One, loop out into Duo 2 SDI1 though CasparCG back out on Duo 2 SDI2 into SmartView Duo Monitor Two

I couldn’t use that for real time

Does anyone have any recommendations for real time keyers that would be able of doing this?

off coarse it depends on your budget
but i guess a BM-Atem will do the the trick.
although i have not that much experience with their chromakeyers.

what seems to be a very good chromakeyer is the ultimatte 12 from BM

otherwise the higher order off visionmixers like grass-valley and sony

I have tried it with a Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K and the quality was awful, it had a colour shift and noise that was unusable.

I’ve had a chat with BM about the Ultimatte 11 and Ultimatte 12 and they don’t seem to be able to answer if it will work, they say it can only do blue and green screen.

Has anyone here got access to an Ultimatte 11 or Ultimatte 12?

Ive used the m/e1 for a long time for chroma keying but i gotta say that lighting had to be perfect in studio to light the green screen or like grahamspr said… noise and other crap that would drive you crazy

Could you shere how you do that in Atem?

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