Channel Route not working as expected

So I’m trying to distort a whole channel by routing channel 2 to layer 1-20.
But when I distort 1-20 the layers in channel 2 all behave like they are in channel 1.

Is there a way to route the whole channel as a flattened image?


I found a workaround:
Enabeld NDI output on channel 2
And then added the output to channel 1:

This is “Shooting at sparrows with cannons”.

See the Route Producer. You can composite down a whole channel to a single layer with a PLAY command and by giving the source channel (without a layer argument) and a channel and layer as the destination.

To play channel 1 on layer 1 of channel 2 use:

PLAY 2-10 route://1

By the way: You only need a “hollow” channel, without a consumer attached as the channel to composite the layers (channel 1 in the example does not need a consumer).

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are you experiencing this

your original aproach is how it should work but due too a bug it does not.
It’s a known issue but it isn’t fixed yet i guess

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Nope :upside_down_face:

I was thinking the same thing: PLAY 2-10 route://1-10 routes 1 layer and PLAY 2-10 route://1 routes the flattened channel 1. But somehow it does not flatten channel 1 and each layer keeps their transformation. So when you do a distort everything goes everywhere.

I made a video:

*note, in the video I am using decklinks outputs for all channels, indeed they don’t need a consumer.

Yes, just downloaded 2.3.3 add it still does it was testing on 2.3.0

Think “added this to the [v2.3.1 LTS milestone” from your post did not make it.

“The issue is not present in 2.1.x latest build”
Going to test that another time.

2.1.0 Works as expected, but it is slower about 3-4 frames per routing.

So with 2 times a route channel it comes to 9 frames delay.

The new routing is faster, no frame delays. But NDI gives me 5 frames delay.
So for this project 2.3 with NDI is faster.

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Hello everyone.

I found out that audio is not being routed in versions after 2nd release on February 16th 2023.
Last version where audio is also routed is 2.3.3 5009f25

Is anyone else experiencing same situation?

PLAY 3-1 ROUTE://1

Thanks for figuring out the last version that worked, that makes it much easier to figure out how it got broken.
It looks like I made a silly copy and paste mistake. The next build 417f7f6 should be fixed (build will be available in ~30 minutes)

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