Channel Playout



I have a question; i would love to use CasparCG, because it’s open source. Build by a sister Public Broadcaster (ok, we’re a local station in The Netherlands). Can you give me you’re thought on how you should do this, hard and or software (client)?

This isn’t a no budget thing, but we need to ne critical; so let’s say 10.000 euro’s for the initial project to get a idea/

I Need a solution to do a 24/7 Channel Playout, with file-program playout and live sources (atem videohub to input). Besides that we a news kiosk mode, with background audio from our radiostation. could be done with HTML; or an external machine that ackeds like a live-source.
Oh course some standard branding like channelbug (several, because of ‘specials’) as secondary’s and it would be awesome to can doe auto- now-next or auto- coming-up’s.

Looking forward to your suggestions!


Rien Janssens


Hi Rien (or should i say hoi rien :wink: )

Have a look at the sofie project

i think it does exactly what you need and is open-source

the guys making this can be found on the forum.
one off them is also dutch by the way.


Hi Rien,

I’ve built a system for another local station in the Netherlands (Schagen FM), which is called folderplayout and open source:

The newest version is based on the same tech stack that the Sofie TV News Automation is built, of which I am also a developer.

The latest version of folderplayout allows you to define a recurring schedule for a playlist. Say every day at 10am, 12am, 2pm and 4pm. But also allows you to blacklist items in a playlist (say a certain clip only plays wednesday and friday). This has been working really well for the station I built this for.

In its current form it does not support any channel branding, but since I switched it over this christmas vacation to the sofie stack it should be quite easy to add that in. Live input support via a decklink is on the list of planned features.

Regarding infochannel, there are cheap-ish subscription based commercial solutions available. Think narrowcasting on a chromebox with a dvi-sdi converter into a decklink input.