Channel output directly to GPU hardware connections

Hey everyone.

I am a returning user of Caspar, looking at using it to directly playout content to a couple of displays. This will be to replace an old system at this venue (That just went poof in power surge), which is directly outputting to the displays.
Due to access issues, we will need to keep this existing wiring, which has me wondering: Is it possible on Linux, to have multiple hardware outputs on the back of the GPU in the server setup to act as consumers?
From memory, I did not have much luck in the past setting up multiple full screen consumers on linux just for monitoring, and I was wondering if anything has changed?

In the newer Caspar versions the screen consumer has x, y, width and height settings in the config. Probably that solves it.

Do you have an example of how those params look in use, in the config file?

I don’t understand your question, what example? There are 4 parameters: x, y, width and height. x and y are the coordinates of the top left corner of the window, in pixel, measured from the top left corner of the screen. width and height are, what the name says, also in pixels. No rocket science here.