Channel Grid Fill & Key


I would like to set a channel grid in the following way:
ch.1 channel with preview (no consumer)
ch.2 Production Channel (to my black magic card)
ch.3 Routed Channel 2 Key (no consumer)
ch.4 Routed Channel 2 Fill (no consumer)
ch.5 PGR (external feed) - dirty
ch.6 Channel_Grid

I managed to do everything apart the routing showing only Key of channel 2 to channel 3 and only Fill of channel 2 to channel 4.
I guess the reason is some basic knowledge missing so I ask for help!

Thank you in advance¨


Why would you want to see in a channel grid only the “key” of a channel? if it comes for confidence monitor, the you should monitor the Decklink’s key hardware output.

As far as I can understand and as far as I know casparcg splits the info of transparency to fill and key in consumer stage. (Not sure if this is wrong or not).

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Yes it will be looped back by the black magic.
I was just trying to do that first with my gfx feed to understand how it was working :slight_smile: