CGTimer - Standalone display for clip timing

I’ve put together a simple app to display elapsed and remaining video time for casparCG clips.

Check it out here:


  • Displays active clip current time
  • Displays remaining clip time
  • Starts flashing red at less than 5 seconds to clip end
  • Warns about video being looped, via a red “L” on the clip time panel
  • When CasparCG is issued a STOP command to the ffmpeg producer, everything is reset

Not working (AppData delete)

Sorry for this.
Apparently my github release action was broken, so I’m fixing it as we speak.

Expect fixed binaries for 1.0 shortly.

Fixed builds.
Releases should now build properly.
1.0.2 also comes with the ability to show the name of the clip being played.

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Can I install the app on a Raspberry Pi with attached screen? I’ve got it running on Windows but it would be nice to have it running on a Pi Zero.

@Moritz_M GitHub - dimitry-ishenko-casparcg/timer: Timer application for CasparCG should work for you in this case. scroll down for the Raspberry Pi installation section

Personally I have never tried it in a Pi so I hope it works for you.

Hello, how can I use the program? Is it running in a browser or stand alone?

THX a lot

Found it. I was too stupid to find the releases…