CG & Flash. Passing special chars to XML

how can I pass specials chars in the XML as field value.

For exampel how can I pass doublequotes ?

CG 1-1 UPDATE 1 "<templateData><componentData id=\"p2\"><data value=\"This is text\"></data></componentData></templateData>" 

So the " is escaped as "
if I want to didplay a backslash () I use two backslahes (\)
but how can I display
This mark (") is a double quote
to the xml?

If I use (\") is escaped as XML
If I use (") is the start/end of xml string
Any ideas???

Thanks in advance!!
Elias Giannopoulos

You can use the HTML special entities and replace the special characters with them, so, for instance a double quote becomes &quot;

Thx didikunz!!!

Thx didikunz!!!