CG clients



You got my point :+1:


Any updates on this front didikunz?


I talked to Victoria Nece, the product manager of After Effects, at IBC about this. They are thinking about a way to support Bodymovin / Lottie (infos) and also think about contributing to it. But there are a few things that needs to be discussed and taken care of, so don’t expect this to happen quickly. But at least there is a movement in the right direction.


Thanks for the update!


Rreboffo, what is the lib you using for c#?


Well, I had to make a list:

  • For AMCP communication I use CasparCG’s libdotnet with some small tweaks for it to work in WPF and with server versions 2.2+. It’s a mess, but it works.
  • For OSC I use Paul Varcholik’s Bespoke.Osc lib as is.
  • For NDI previews, NDILibDotNet2 modified to allow image grabbing and forcing the aspect to 16:9. I don’t really know how the examples’ license works, they say ‘use it’ but they go ahead and tell you not to share any of it in any way.

I would like to make a fork in GitHub but I don’t really know how to git. In the meantime I should upload the code to Dropbox or somewhere.


Just uploaded it to GitHub. Please let me know if there is any problem.