CasperCg client not playing image file


One of my client is not able to play image file . What could be the reason ?

I am using CasperCG client 2.0.8 with server 2.0.7.

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Probably something in the file-format
I try to use PNG as I have had least problem with them

Dear Mark,

The same image file is playing from another Player with same config and same versions.

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Can you share the file?

This doesn’t tell us anything. Does it log an error?

My guess is that the image file either isn’t in the right directory or there is another file with the same name (but different extension) that the server tries to load instead.

Dear Didi, please find below.

Check what @hreinnbeck wrote.

The file looks ok. Try building a separate sub-folder bellow Caspar’s media folder and put only this file in it. Can you play it now?

Plays perfectly also for me in 2.3.3
I think didi is right that you are not playing out the right file (different servers etc)
this could be a way to test:

  1. rename file to test1.ipg
  2. in caspar-sever command-window write “play 1-30 test1.jpg” and enter
  3. If the file plays now then it is that you are not trying to play out the right file aka client is sending out a wrong command.

4. if file is not played out then casparcg-server isnt reading the place where the file are aka right media-folder
This is written under the assumption that the jpg-file is right in the root of media-folder and not in a subfolder.

Dear Mark, and Didi,

Thanks for the help. I just renamed the file and it is playing fine.

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