CasperCG client - mixer fill


I am new to CasperCG and tried the CasperCG client.
However, not every mixer command seems to be implemented (e.g. MIXER FILL). Is this true or am I overlooking something. Is there another client to set MIXER FILL, even een command line tool would do.


– Jaap

The MIXER FILL is called Transform in the client.

As Didi mentions, some of the commands are controlled by widgets with a slightly different name to the AMCP command they use.

If you don’t find a built-in widget that implements the AMCP command you want, there is a very useful widget that effectively gives you the command line tool you said was acceptible.

The widget is called Custom Command. It can be added to the rundown either from the Tools Other library listing, or right-clicking in the rundown and selecting Custom Command from the fly out menu list.

When you inspect the widget you see a list of words with empty text boxes alongside. The names match the function key operations on the keyboard. If you put the AMCP command in the text box it is actioned when you press the associated function key. For example in the Play box you could type play 1-10 amb which will play the file when you press the F2 key.