Casper CG server 2.2.2 is giving playback fail error with Caspercg client 2.0.8


I have created a CASPER CG server with windows 10 and Casper CG server version 2.2.2. I tried to play clips with Casper CG client 2.0.8, and it gives PLAY FAILED error.

On the same server if I run server version 2.0.7 the same client plays fine. But it takes more than 90 % CPU usage.

What could be the reason ?

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Please post the log, so that we can see, what hardware you have.

Dear Didikunz,

The hardware config is : INTEL PENTIUM CPU G3220 @ 3.00 Ghz, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB SATA hard drive.
I tried with new CASPER CG SERVER VERSION 2.3.0 99644d47 also, and I get the same play failed error. Please find attached casperlog.html (50.5 KB)
the log.

But when I use old version 2.0.7, it works fine.

There is a much easier way to post the log (or any code etc.) Just copy it into the post (this text), select it with your mouse or keyboard and click on the button with the </> on the header bar of the editor.

That you get errors on play out can be a bug in the 2.2.2 version. Have you tested the last build? If yes, please post a error report on GitHub. It could also be because you probably run an old Windows version.

That you get a 90% CPU readout is, because you use quite an old CPU and not too much RAM, Also the performance of the single hard drive could be a problem while playing video.

Tried running it outside the Downloads folder?

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Vimlesh helped me to figure out that the media folder was empty. Once we copy the material from old media folder to the server media folder (new server version comes with empty media folder), it starts playing.

Another drawback he found with new server version is that : we need to run scanner.exe time separately so that media folder gets updated in CASPER CLIENT LIBRARY.

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Dear Didikunz,

Is there any possibility to add scanner.exe with CasperCG server application like the old version ?

Dear Debadhish,
I am only one of the forum admins and I am not involved in these kind of decisions. AFAIK the reason was, that the task of reading the folders to get infos was messing with the playout. So I think it made sense to separate them. It is very easy to write a batch script that starts both.

Dear Didikunz,

Thanks a lot for the response. Will follow as you said.

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Use this client together with CasparCG Server 2.2.x instead.