CasparConnect - Professional HTML5 Generator and playout

I would like to show you our new project. We are going to release first version very soon (hope in few weeks).
CasparConnect is graphics generator based on Windows which is capable to very easily create HTML templates. You find there nice editor where you can define all the graphic, dynamic fields, animations etc and then simply create a links between dynamic fields and your data sources. We are working for professional broadcast that is why we added the support for protocols like Probel SW-08 or Ember+. It means that you can set a logic on your Events in the playlist which can control for example your routers, automation or control systems. We successfully integrated beta version in OB Van where it is connected with LAWO VSM Studio (Control system).
Another important point is “Sport Module”. You can define your leagues, teams and match days and according to a results the App automatically generates all a results which are linked into your templates.
Of course if you already have created some HTML or Flash templates, there is a way for import and also you can link it with the data sources you have.

We would like to ask you for any inputs, ideas which you could imagine to have in the solution like this. Our plan is to release free version which can be used by the community and the extra features will be paid.

Here you can see the first beta version we have for testing.

Some technical info:
Data sources - TXT, CSV, Excel, MySQL and SQL
Protocol support - Probel SW-08 (bidirectional), Ember+, Simple Telnet



From your video I see, that you have a lot of football related graphics none of them seems to be very much adaptable to custom designs beside the colors. Even the fonts look very basic. For me that would not be usable. I need to be able to build a graphic pixel perfect to a design coming from a client. Do you plan to include a designer to be able to do that? Or do you support something like BodyMovin/Lottie? or the like?

Would be nice to see a way to (semi-) automatically transfer a AE design to a full functional template. By a post processor, that add data mapping to BodyMovin exports.

Hi Didikunz,
Thanks for your feedback. BodyMovin/Lottie is something we would like to implement. We have currently quite huge roadmap which needs to be processed by our “priority filter”. That is why we also created this topic here :slight_smile:

Regarding “graphic pixel perfect” design:
Yes, this is one of the main topics we have. At current first stage we want to bring simple editor where you can create your own graphics within the editor (That is done). Anyway, also now if you need to use for example Champions League GFX then as a workaround you still can import the graphic to the adobe animate, define dynamic fields, export it as a standard CasparCG template and import it into our App where you can link it to the data sources and use during Studio productions for example.

But of course we want to be able to fully manage it within the app. My experiences are that when you get a design manual for example from UEFA, Premier league or so, it contains sequences. Currently we are working on the option that you can simply import the sequence into the CasparConnect app, define dynamic text fields with animations etc… and the system will generate html template.

Yes, the systems like Orad, VizRT or any other established brand can do much more. But that is not our goal currently. We want to provide to CasparCG community a good tool for most common stuff like simple titles, crowls, rolls, tables etc. which can be used also in professional environment.


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Looks great so far. :+1:

This would absolutely be of use to me.
As Didi has mentioned, the specific graphics per client would be essential.
I work with a lot of UK football clubs and each have their different styles.
I’ll follow this thread with interest.

Hi Steve,
Thank you for the message. What is an usual format of a GFX footage you get from a clients/leagues? sequences, AE projects, or?


As far as I am concerned: In recent times I get more and more After Effects project files. That seems to be the way to go in the future. I envision a tool that made to load the output of BodyMovin and analyzes the code inside it for layer or object names in a special format (with a added prefix or so) and generates the JavaScript code to make them dynamic fields. This should also be possible for dynamic images and colors. That would reduce building a template to the renaming of the objects inside AE and exporting it.


Apologies for taking so long to reply.
I agree completely with the comment from @didikunz as this is the method we are working towards now, slowly moving away from Flash templates.

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