CasparCGAddIn for Microsoft Excel



Perfect. Thanks!


Very nice tool didikunz.

Question, is it possible to make keyboard shortcuts in excel, same way as it is in the official client?


I once locked into that. Excel does not have a way to do that, it would need a keyboard hook in Windows. That is a bit complicate and I had not the time for it. But it is sure something I want to add.


Wonderful tool, Didi!

I have a trouble in the images playout: I set the path with “Image Filename” and, after that, I see it correctly in the cell (eg. “file:///C:/Gare/_Flags_CYCLING/flag_BEL.png”) but when I click on “play” the graphics screen comes out without image.
Probably I’m doing something wrong… Help!!!


This only works, if Excel and CasparCG are on the same PC or if the path to the picture is identical on both machines.


Ok. They’re already on the same PC, as the folder image but it doesen’t work.


Ok, and did that work before using another client? Probably the problem is in the template.


Yes. With another client, the template works properly.


Can you PM my a link to download your Excel file and the template?


Is it possible thru a list to play 2 cues/querys? For example that i have a video on layer 20 and then a template/picture on layer 21 and i want to play and start these on the same time.


Currently this is not possible. I don’t see a way to make this, as Excel does not have a way to group lines together. If you need this, I would suggest to build a (Flash) template, that plays the two images/videos together.


Amazing tool! Congratulations!
Wanted to know if the add-in allows you to send data via Json from the HTML template? Is it possible, and how?


You mean sending the data as JSON to the templates? No, currently not possible, but can be added easily. Sending data FROM the templates to Excel would need some kind of server in between, I guess.


Amazing tool !!!


Trying at bit with auto-update, question below.
Is it possible when i change data in a cell and press enter, then it make “save all” and updates data to server? Or is auto-update suppose to work only with dashboad buttons?


When setup correctly it even updates a template, that is already playing. Therefor you need to set the channel and layer in the auto-update pane. For a Dataset, it updates it automatically without pressing “Save” or “Save All”. To function auto-update listens to Excels recalculate event. So if changes in a worksheet triggers Excel to recalculate all the formulas, the update will happen.


Nice to hear that it should function like I hoped. But still it don´t update when i press enter after editing a cell.
When I have changed a value and pressed enter I can then play it from dashboard with correct changed data.


For example if I look at another cell, then it updates when i change value in cell B2. See picture.


The recalculate event is not triggered by keying in something in a cell, but if you add a worksheet as a “user interface” and another sheet for the output to Caspar, with auto-update enabled and bring the values from the UI sheet as formulas to the cells of the output sheet, it works.

See this example. The sheet called “EDITOR” is the UI, the two sheets “Scoreboard” and “BigScoreboard” are two differently designed templates, that were played/stopped by the buttons in the dashboard and auto updated on every change in the UI sheet.


am trying to download the setup but the link is broken i guess, will you be able to share the correct link,.

Thank you