CasparCG Vision Mixing with Sofie Automation & Sisyfos Controller

Hi All,

Just wanted to show this little demo of a setup we’ve had in production for a little while that I don’t think has been posted before.

Normally this would of course run on multiple displays and touch for the audio controller but I’m working from home as most people are :slight_smile:

On the left side of the screen is Sofie Automation controlling CasparCG (bottom right) and Sisyfos (top right). CasparCG is mixing video, audio and overlaying graphics. (Normally with decklinks but for development I use video clips). Sisyfos is controlling the audio in this case.

The coolest is that most of this is Open Source. Only the graphics and the Sofie Blueprints are not available publically.

PS: if you’re familiar with JavaScript/TypeScript and want to work on stuff like this, send a message to


Just curious, The bottom right multiview window is made with CasparCG too?

Nice movie but I was expecting to watch it in 16:9 (not 9:16). :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s all CasparCG. The UMD is an html template and the windows are created with mixer commands.

I never got Sofie running correctly… is there any kind of tutorial how to get started? Had it installed, had the server running. But without an rundown it doesn´t seem to work?

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We have a getting started guide on our gitbook:

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I’ve previously tried setting up Sofie and the example spreadsheet blueprints provided but concluded that it is too hard to get up and running if you’re not a programmer. At least for me it was.
I think it is very cool and hope you guys gain traction that would justify more user friendly workflows.

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