i have already developed a playout software using I want to integrate caspar cg to form and creating a new frontend with cg.


There are a few libraries to control CasparCG. I use my CasparObjects.dll for all my clients. If you search here in the forum you find other libraries too.


thankyou so much bro fr the reply. i have already downloaded this but fn0 and fn1 have nothing.


Can you share the relevant code?


no such codes. justthe drop down list is blank


A CasparCG server needs to run on the same machine as the tutorial, so that the code can connect to it.
EDIT: I changed a few little things, if you re-download you get the latest version.


thats what i was missing. now working fine bro. but iadded an open file dialog to your form. how can i play movies into the screen consumer using open file dialog.


You will not be able to play files from a file open dialog directly. You can only play, what is in the media folder. There is an example in the code how you get a list of clips

There are also routines in the library to play these clips. Please understand, that the toutorial project is just a very basic start.


you are missunderstanding how casparcg works. your VB applicaion (or any other Client as a matter of fact) only sends commands to caspar server ie: “PLAY ME A VIDEO FILE ON LAYER 1”. video file itself is on server side, you cannot “send” it from your client


good you could give us a tutorial of what it does and what each of the library functions are for, thanks


You find a documentation of all possible functions in the wiki. Most libraries, like mine, are a more or less complete wrapper around it. Some try to do it more object oriented some less. But in the end all these libraries do is to send these commands over a TCP/IP connection to CasparCG-Server. That is all the magic.