CasparCG server playout video Decklink

Hello I’m new here
Recently I install Casparcg server, when i’m play video using casparClient from another pc, Video playing smoothly on casparcg server . But unable to out my Decklink SDI 4k output card .
Please help me…

Have you edited the casparcg.config? Would you mind locking up the million topics, that are posted here in the forum about how to edit that configuration?


Please try this config for 1080i50 HD
casper config

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By editing I mean changing something. That is the meaning of that word. From your posted config I see you did not change anything.

And by telling you to search for one of the many treads, that handle that topic I mean using the search function (the little hourglass icon on top of the page) and typing something like “Decklink configuration” or the like.

The forum is there to help if users are not able to find a solution, not to serve everybody everything on a silver tablet. Sorry of beieng a bit rude, but it is really something we discuses many times and people should be able to find these discussions by them self.

Thank you for your suggestion. I add those code . But
Result same , Output not display in my broadcast monitor

But you probably added it to the comented out section of the config. In a XML-file a comment starts by typing <?-- and ends with --> So the whole lower part of the config is commented out and is only for you to see, what different settings are available.

By the way: That has also been discussed multiple times in these treads I mentioned.

Thanks for reply

sorry for this